Name: L.H.
Location: Garner (Johnston County), NC
Career in early childhood: 7 years

L.H. has worked with infants in early childhood education for seven years. She works full time and is a mother of two young children. She hasn’t had health insurance in years, except under the Pregnancy Medicaid program while she was pregnant with her children. Like many child care workers, Leigha earns too much for Medicaid, but not enough to get a stipend to buy private insurance on the marketplace. “They always tell me I make too much to be able to get on Medicaid.”

When we asked L.H. how expanding Medicaid would impact her life, here’s what she had to say: “It would make me a healthier person. If I was able to have Medicaid I’d be able to get my eyes checked, get my teeth cleaned, get a checkup to make sure I’m healthy… it would make my anxiety go down.”