When We Expand Medicaid Eligibility

Hundreds of thousands of North Carolina families will finally be able to see a doctor when they need one.
Our state will see an increase in economic growth and job creation
We will bring our tax money home from Washington, D.C.

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More than half a million North Carolinians can’t see a doctor when they need one because reliable health insurance is out of reach. North Carolina can take advantage of available federal funding to get health coverage to those who really need it, as 37 other states have done - including our neighbors in Virginia.

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Healthcare Can’t Wait

Covering more uninsured people reduces health care costs for everyone, even for those who have their own private health insurance. When people can’t afford basic care, they often wind up in the ER with preventable - and very expensive - health crises. Hospitals have to eat the cost – and those costs are passed along to the rest of us. That’s why premiums for people who buy their own health insurance are now significantly lower in the 37 states that have already expanded Medicaid.

Let’s make North Carolina join the majority of states that have expanded Medicaid to those who really need it.

States Expanded

Bring Dollars Home

It’s our turn to bring federal dollars back to our state. By using available federal funds already set aside for North Carolina, we’ll bring more of our tax money home from Washington, D.C. every year – funds that have been going to other states instead.

The measure will also save money by significantly reducing state and county costs for treating uninsured patients in emergency rooms, the most expensive way to provide care. That means hospitals in rural areas won’t face closure because of the massive cost of providing uncompensated care to North Carolinians who have no insurance.

Grow Our Economy

Health coverage is critical for a strong work force. Expanding Medicaid to more low-income people makes it easier for people to go to work, keep their jobs, and to look for a new job. Healthier workers means a healthier economy. Find out how many jobs Medicaid expansion would bring to your county.


We Can’t Wait

Without Medicaid expansion, many hardworking North Carolina families face serious financial hardship.

For example, a parent with two children who earns $10,000 a year makes too much for Medicaid in North Carolina. But buying private health insurance in the marketplace is far out of reach. That doesn’t make any sense. This means parents often go without the basic health care they need.


A baker in Wilmington works hard to earn $17,000 a year, but earns too much for Medicaid. It’s time to fix that. Healthcare can’t wait!


A family of four in Raleigh that earns $19,000 makes too much for Medicaid. It’s time to fix that. Healthcare can’t wait!


A woman taking care of her aging mother in Lumberton can’t see a doctor when she needs to. It’s time to fix that. Healthcare can’t wait!

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Healthcare Can't Wait Stories

These are real stories of real people forced to go without health care because they can’t get health insurance. Add your story on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #HealthcareCantWait



Location: Lumberton, NC
Career in early childhood: 6 years

Anetra has a BA in English and minor in American Indian Studies. She loves working in early childhood because she feels that she can have the greatest impact working with young children. “Research has shown that by the time a child reaches three, they learn as much vocabulary as they are going to learn in a lifetime.” Without insurance, Anetra is unable to...


Rachel & Jerry

Location: Goldsboro, NC

Parents of kids with special needs have an intense job. Unfortunately, that job often comes without health insurance.


Randy and Steve

Location: Greensboro, NC

Randy and Steve are both fathers of young people who passed away after an opioid overdose. Both are passionate voices for bringing affordable health care to North Carolina, to fight the opioid epidemic head-on.